Sometimes the words just won’t come. Sometimes, even when I really focus on what I want to write, the words just stay hidden in darkness.

I often forget what works the best for me at those times: just typing away at words meant for my

I use some online tools for that, and I thought I’d share those. All of these keep the journals private for you.

The first is 750 words. Here you are invited to write 750 words daily, stream of consciousness stuff. I word doodle in there, and don’t worry about things I usually worry about. Like spelling, or commas and dots. It is really liberating to just let your fingers type away.

The second is oh life. This site sends you an email each day, asking you what you did on that day. I often type a couple lines about my day. The fun thing is that in the mail it also quotes what I did on the same day last week or last month. Great way to remember fun times. 🙂

There is something great about setting yourself free with words this way, and you know what? If I hadn’t written on 750 words I couldn’t have written this blog post. My mind was clear enough to get myself to write this. That is what tools like this are for.

Do you journal online? What do you use?