A while ago I wondered why I procrastinate sometimes. Here are my reasons: **Reason 1: being overwhelmed** I look at the house and see how much I need to do, and I rather hide from it by procrastinating than by trying to do something. how I tackle it: not looking at the house as a whole, but at one room, or one cabinet, or one magazine basket. That way I break the gigantic task of decluttering the whole house more manageable. **Reason 2: being scared to be me** I am a writer. I’ve found time and time again that I procrastinate because I am afraid to show the world that I am one. how I tackle it: by writing anyway, and not worrying about the next steps. Writing comes first, then comes editing, then comes publishing. No use worrying about step 3 when I am in step 1. ******Reason 3: being protective of my body** I have physical issues and I deal with them on a daily basis. I’ve found that sometimes I procrastinate because I want to shield myself from more pain (and alternatively I force myself to do things when I am in pain). how I tackle it: I constantly pause and feel how my body is doing. This is very helpful. I have defined 3 “states” my body can be in. **A**. Feeling good, low pain levels, asthma behaves. **B**. Feeling physically good but low energy. This calls for doing stuff while lying down. **C**.****Low energy, asthma out of whack, in pain. This calls for pampering.
Ever since I’ve devised this system, I have WAY less C days. I will write more on this reason in a future blog post!