The other day I decided I would consolidate all the blog posts from the past two years or so into my new blogger site. No more separate blogs for things like yoga and journaling, just one place to read all I had ever written/created.
One of the things that was hardest to clear was not my tumblr but my Medium account. I figured I would leave it for last and then see how I would feel about that when the rest was in my blogger.
Then I copied a post from my now defunct wordpress site and it almost moved me to tears. Then I realised why Medium was such a problem for me, and why it felt as stale as two weeks old bread.
I had forgotten my most important rule for blogging: write for yourself.

Usually, when I am on my own blog, I feel free to write whatever needs to be written. I write for myself. I write to work out some issues I have or I write something to inspire my creativity. And then when it is finished, I know it is ready to be shared.

I share because I know that when I struggle with something, others may struggle with the same thing. And then when I write something to help me, it might help others who chance upon my blog too.
I wrote Medium for a completely different audience. I don’t know what that audience is exactly, as I used words in the articles that were so not me that it felt like that one word sucked away all the attention from the whole article. That’s what happens when I forget to write for myself, apparently.

I copied the articles into my blogger and I deleted my Medium account.
I know I will go back to those articles and rewrite them so they apply to me.
And then, when that happens, I will share them again. Just because I can 🙂

As I am coming to the end of this blog post, I remember something else.
Usually when I write blog posts, they come out in one go. 15 minutes tops. I sit down, type like a maniac, and put a dot at the end of the last line. I walk away, drink tea, come back, and post it with only a couple of edits, mostly typo’s.
And then I hit post.

This is the way writing my blogs works for me. This is authentically me.
And I am so very grateful to Medium for teaching me that. <3