A while ago I read the term clutter blindness in an article on minimalism. It is something you develop after you have looked at something for so long that you don’t even see it as clutter anymore.
It has become something akin to white noise.
Then one day, as a part of my daily sketch practice, I sat down and drew the mess I had left on the coffee table after a creative spree. I love this picture so much because it show how my creativity works, I just spread my stuff around me and then grab what I need and toss it in the same disarray when I am done 🙂

![](/content/images/2017/08/File23-08-20172C080735.jpeg)And then, earlier this week, I drew the sketch you see to the right, of what lived on my night stand. Soon after I finished the sketch, I cleaned off all sorts of stuff, and tidied the rest 🙂 I wasn’t blind to my anymore. Looking at my clutter the way I do when I sketch something, deeply attentive, made me see what I had gathered in a space that should only contain the absolute minimum. Such a fun experience! I can highly recommend you try it too! And I know what you think, “well, I can’t draw, so I can’t do what you suggest!” You don’t have to draw it. You can also take a picture, and then edit the picture in an app like Prisma, so that it is turned into art. Or you can trace the picture in a drawing app on your phone. Anything that makes you focus on an area of your house that you are really clutter blind on will help you see where you need to get to work on creating space for more joy!SaveSave SaveSave