4 x 12 part 2

What I find funny is that the things I most love doing now, I loved doing as a child. That should be a hint as to how important it is to listen to that younger, much wiser self. Here’s a list of those things. What’s yours?

  1. Writing poetry

I don’t know why I started. I also don’t have those poems anymore, thanks to the awkward almost adult “this is fucking crap!” phase. (if you are a young poet, heed my words. If you feel like throwing your old poetry away, don’t. By the time you are an old lady like me you’ll long to read your poems).

  1. Being ridiculously creative

I remember sitting with my grandmother, tongue sticking out of my mouth, holding the knitting needles like they were trees, moving them to magically make a doll’s hat appear. Don’t have the hat anymore either. Blame my 16 year old self (see above).

  1. Reading

My family must have hated me at times. I used to be able to sit with a book and lock out the whole world. Then an angry “Hey! Are you listening?” got me to snap out of it, and I had to admit that no, I wasn’t. There’s a blog post here on the blog about my love for libraries so I won’t wax poetic about them anymore.

  1. Nature

There’s a picture of me that I really need to scan and post here. Standing among the roses, smelling them and looking happy. I loved nature, I loved our Sunday forest walks. I loved to read about animals and take walks on the beach. I loved to lay down in the grass on my tummy, to study how the blades of grass interweaved.

  1. Doodle

There is a basket of old schoolwork of me (thanks mom for saving it for me until I was an adult who could appreciate things she made as a child!) and in it there is a common theme. There are doodles. I probably made them after school let me have my own work, because I don’t think I would have gotten a sticker for a job well done for a drawing of what I assume is a cat on a page of really neat handwriting. I couldn’t draw realistically. I could doodle. I still love to do that. My notebooks are filled with scribbled flowers and doodled artsy stuff.

Can probably think of way more things to list, but I’m gonna stop. There’s doodling in my future 😀

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