50 Ways to Be, the 2016 edition!

When I turned 50 a couple of years ago, I sat down to write a list of 50 things to do in the upcoming year. A couple of days later I picked up the list, and started to read. By item ten I was yawning. I put a big fat X through all those pages and turned to a new page. I knew I had to set my Inner Child free on the page.

Before I started writing the list, I asked myself these following questions:’

  • What did I love to do as a child?
  • What makes me jump for joy?
  • How can I be my best self?

This was enough to keep my mind spinning while I let my Inner Child write the list.’After an hour or so of furtive writing and occasional pondering, the list was finished. I read through it, and thought: this is not boring at all, because it is not a list of things to do. This is a list of things to BE.
It is now two years and a bit since I wrote my 50 ways to be. Every time I read through the list, it becomes more clear to me how many of these items have become integral to my life, including that playful, impish grin that often is on my face.
I thought it was about time to revisit my list, and make changes where needed, and add some new things too. This will be an awesome guide for 2016!

My 50 things to BE list

  1. Go out into nature or to the zoo and observe play. Take loads of pictures.
  2. Stop saying sorry for non-sorry-things.
  3. Get a record player and play your old records again.
  4. Go to a museum. Sit and draw.
  5. Skip! You know you love it!
  6. Go to London. Have adventures every day. Repeat everywhere else in the world.
  7. Make art daily. Keep Playing!
  8. Get bag. Walk. Fill bag with interesting things & make good art or incredibly crappy art. It’s all the same.
  9. Sing. throw open those pipes and become your voice!
  10. Shake that ass! Dancing is soooooo you!
  11. Create every day! Be adventurous!
  12. Be playful, even in shitty times!
  13. Make mind maps. You love that. Do it for all you want to do, even sylly stuff.
  14. Bring paper & pens everywhere. Inspiration comes & you write or draw your ass off.
  15. Go to pub. Drink something. Eat a little bit. Take a deep breath and write! (first steps are optional)
  16. Make little art things to give away.
  17. Walk daily. Get your body out of the door and celebrate life!
  18. Eat mindfully. Let your body guide the fork. Smile!
  19. Make books. Get it on!
  20. Don’t have a business. Create a lemonade stand instead. Make colourful signs, and bask in the sun while you sell what you have so loved to create. ♥
  21. Go volunteer somewhere. It’s fun!
  22. Make your art all you. Get rid of those stupid voices that have told you at one time in your life that you can’t do art. They suck!
  23. Make the world beautiful. Every day.
  24. Write your heart out. It is fun!
  25. Only wear clothes that make you smile.
  26. Find the people that get you!
  27. Trust that soft whisper inside of you. Shut down the fearful monkey chatter.
  28. Remind others that they were born to play.
  29. When you feel you should jump in to do something for someone: DO IT! When your mind chatters you should do something: shut it up.
  30. Don’t be afraid to make something. Not everyone will get it, but some do. Also realise: you are Sylly, the naysayers are not!
  31. Do all you can to protect the earth and all that live on it. A little activism never hurts anyone.
  32. Take Pictures. Share them. Smile!
  33. Every day, bring something with you that reminds you to play!
  34. Get rid of stuff. Stuff is what you don’t love to have around.
  35. When in fear, remember to breathe. Breathing breaks through where monkey mind interferes.
  36. Write down your life vision. Hang it somewhere you will see it daily. Smile!
  37. You know why to do lists don’t work? They are too boring! Make to do art in stead!
  38. You don’t need a lot of things to make each day happy. Remember that when your bags are heavy.
  39. Be aware of your monkey mind chatter driving your decisions. Hit the brakes and make it stop.
  40. Make everything an adventure. Even going to the dentist.
  41. Think of yourself as pure love. Laugh when your mind tries to tell you otherwise. (Also: the fact that you have a fat ass and round tummy means that your body needed more space to show you all the love inside you)
  42. When you smile no one sees your wrinkles or your greasy hair. All they see is your love.
  43. Be a force of love & playfulness.
  44. Remember: the world needs you to be who you are deep inside. Stop being afraid and be all you!
  45. Write stories that make people giggle.
  46. Make your art for the world. Create the things that wait in your mind to be created. Filed under: projects I am too scared to make.
  47. Order your friends’ products when you can.
  48. Focus on doing what you love. Stop worrying about money because it will come as a side order to the doing what you love.
  49. Cuddle like mad!
  50. Trust your work will find its home. Just keep doing what you lov

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