A conversation with my ego

Or: why you should always create instead of listening to its crap 🙂

Picture me sitting on the sofa/bed in my creative, my pencils are all around me and I am doodling like mad.
Ego: “that really sucks, it isn’t art, remember what your teacher told you at school. You suck at art and-“
I stick out my tongue and continue doodling.
Ego: “Stop it!”
I blow a raspberry and grab some red for good measure.
Ego: “You will fail and fail miserably. No one will love this work so just stop it already!”
I whistle along with the radio, moving to green.
Ego, spluttering: “but! but! I have the power over you, just like your teacher had when you were a little girl!”
I laugh and move on to the blue.

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