A fresh start

I have neglected my blog ever since I injured my foot and had some meds that really screwed with my creative brain.

Now the foot starts to recover, and I no longer have the meds, I thought it was time to blog again.

In my three months of absence, I’ve changed over my blog to this new site (and am still debating if I should import my old blog posts).

I’ve also made fresh starts with Instagram and Twitter, clearing away most of my old posts there, and I blogged some on Instagram.

A few of those blog posts will end up back here, as I feel that my blog is a better way of archiving what I write than my Instagram is (given the fact that I intend to clear out Instagram and Twitter on a regular basis from now on).

I feel so much clearer after the clearout, after seeing so many of my old posts go.

I can feel a new direction coming, a new way for me to express myself, my feelings and my thoughts.

A more loving way.

A more grounded way.

A more self-caring way.

I have no idea what I will post next, and it feels right.

Here’s to not knowing!

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