A letter to my introverted self

Hello beloved, beautiful, shy and introverted self,

I write this letter to you because I see no better way of communicating how proud I am of you. The arms of self protection wrap tight around you and shelter you in warmth, in love, in compassion.

I am ready to take some new leaps in life, and I want you to know I couldn’t do this without you, you are a part of me.

This is the beauty of the contrast within me. One part, the lioness ready to roar. Other part, shy, introverted, deeply creative recluse.

I have felt the clash between you and the lioness most of my life. At times you feared to speak up, and the lioness roared instead. I have been full lioness at times, and you drew me back again, into safety.

But, safety no longer works for me. I can no longer hide who I am in all my beautiful glory.

And yet, I keep you safe, always. There is always room for playing alone, sitting on the bed in my office, doodling beautiful swirls. There is always space for being alone in a room with a book. The safe haven is always there, no matter what I do. No matter where I go. No matter where we go. No matter what happens.

My creativity stems from you. My joyful, mad, gentle, daring creativity, always ready for a new adventure. I so love that. I will never stop being the gentle giant that you are, even if the lioness in me roars. Because, the voice of the lioness, that roar, is actually you. It is a part of you that you have never truly accepted.

And I love that.

I love you. You are safe. Always. Even if you roar.

I love myself

I love all I am

I leap into all these wild and wonderful new adventures.


Thanks to you.

All I am

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