A new normal

I used to be a crime show junkie. Many, many shows involving crime and solving them were part of my daily watching schedule. There are many of those shows. They continually rank at the top of the most watched list, interspersed with other drama shows and the occasional comedy.

Now I have decided to shift my focus to love, peace, compassion, joy, play I have noticed something.

To us, violence on TV is normal. To us, being lied to on news channels is normal. To us, greed is normal. To us, thinking life sucks is normal.

Funny thing is that I constantly see that when people are kind and loving, they are called hippies and not in a kind way. When you are loving and kind and choose to see the world only that way, you are called delusional and given a list of all things wrong in the world.

I believe that the thing wrong with the world is that we see only the violence and we don’t see that we can change it. We don’t see that when we join together, we can let the light win.

We can let the light win because we desperately need a new normal. We need to show that by being joyful and peaceful and loving, we can save the world, not drive it to extinction by greed and ignorance.

Love needs to become the new normal.


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