Act your age… PAH!

When I was a child, I loved to play like any other. When I got older, I stopped. Between my early childhood and my teen years something happened. All of a sudden I couldn’t play tag with the younger children. I had to act my own age. It didn’t feel like a loss really, I loved that I was growing into an adult.
Now I play again, every day. I play with my cats (the kind of play that is deemed kinda OK for an adult). I play games, I play with my beloved felt pens and so many other things. I play because I now know that play is essential for every single human being, no matter what their age is.
Play opens something in you, it lets you look at the world with child-like eyes again. It also makes you take a lot of things less serious, and it sometimes makes you laugh at the ridiculousness that the ones that act their age throw into the world.
And now I am going to hop out of bed, cuddle one of my cats and then I am going to unleash mischief on the world again. As always 🙂

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