Almost there!

I wanted to write about my 100 books challenge, haven’t done that in ages. 

When I injured my foot, and had to take meds that made me completely uncreative, I quit reading almost altogether. 

What got me back to it, eventually, was reading regency romance and mystery books and listening to audio books. After that I started to read non-fiction, fantasy and science fiction (my favourite genres) and graphic novels. 

It’s awesome. I am at 88 books now, I think, and I can totally make it to 100. I have three books on the go, one of them is almost finished, and then I have two more ready to go. I am sick in bed now, and that means I am reading for comfort, either books I love and have read several times, or romance/mystery. 

I swear, not reading an awful lot during a couple of months made me think that this was going to be one of the goals I wouldn’t succeed in this year, but now I am close, I can’t wait to finish the final 12 🙂

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