Are you addicted to grumpy?

Dear Creative Soul,

The other day I was watching the news and something came on that completely ruined my mood for the day. I immediately fell into grumpiness, a mental state of disgust and not understanding how people could behave in such a way.

And then I realized that I was poisoning myself. I was repeating and repeating the other person’s hatred and meanwhile not really doing anything creative. At all.

It dawned on me that by repeating the awful thing that this person in the news had said, I was feeding my grumpiness.

Grumpy people don’t create. Grumpy people sit around and are grumpy because the world just sucks, man!

I saw that I have been repeating that pattern all over again. Anger, distrust, hatred, fear, anxiety about something in my future, they all band together to keep me from drawing or writing, creating anything that I feel I need to create.

And that is a pretty shitty place to be in.

So from now on, whenever the grumpiness bubbles to the surface, I have one kickass response. I create.

And smile.
Because nothing beats the grumpy like a smile of creative satisfaction.

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