Be yourself, wrinkles and all

When you look at someone like the Dalai Lama, do you see his wrinkles first? Or do you see thatinfectioussmile? Or do you see the joy in his eyes?

Do you see him as an old man? Or do you see his eternal spirit radiate when he smiles?

Do you see him as old and useless for society? Or do you see his wisdom and compassion?

So many people hate getting older, they hide behind pictures taken years and years ago, thinking we won’t see how dated those pictures are. We do.

Go, look in the mirror, let love shine through your smile, let your eyes light up with your wisdom, your inner two year old, your soul.

No matter what your physical age is, you will see eternity in your eyes, you will see the joy in your smile.

Get a picture taken where your light shines, where your love is in your smile, one we can only smile back at and think: Wow!

The world needs to see you as you are. The world needs you to shine as you are, wrinkles and all.

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