Break conventions, break rules, BE ART

I read a blog post earlier this week that made me want to comment, and then after I commented, I knew the comment wanted to be a blog post.
I don’t remember who said this (and I bet they said it better), but it is something I loved reading: Those who can create art, create art, those who don’t create art, try to put it into convenient boxes.
I think one of the first rules of creating art is breaking through all conventions, no matter what. Blade Runner is one of the awesome examples of the exciting things that happen when you do. Picasso is another. Just imagine Vincent van Gogh not breaking the rules of art at his time. This is why art is one of the most exciting things in life.
Let your writing excite you and don’t worry about the box it fits in. Create freely, and make your writing bright and exciting. Jump beyond your wildest imagination.
Let your art speak fully, let it be as wild, imaginative and enticing as you are.
Let your pen and brush and all you can think of for your art be limitless and set it free into a world hungry for change. We all long for rules and conventions to be broken, no matter how deep we bury that notion.
Let your art speak in the wild and feverish creation and set your self free in your art.

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