Breaking stupid internet rules

The internet has been around for a relatively short time if you look at the length of time that humans walk this planet. And yet, there are so many rules you “have” to stick to already. I have read so many, some make sense, some don’t.
Here are some of them, some I have chosen to believe in the past:
to be taken serious as a writer/person/business you need a .com domain
you need to post your links on facebook and twitter and then interact with others for the sheer purpose of them reading your posts and you need to post your links frequently so that as many people as possible will see them (aka spam)
as a writer, you have to put the word author in your name or you will not be seen as a serious writer.
you have to develop an online persona and also be authentic. Never figured out how you can match up these two.
you need to market your non-fiction, workshops and other things in such a way that people see that you have the only solution for their problems, preferably in at least 20 font sizes and with loads of bling (arrows, stars, things that shout NEW!). Also, tell people that you give them special discounts and that the course you teach usually costs 10x more than what it costs now.
social media are like Shangri-la. The moment you start tweeting and Facebooking, you will get loads and loads of money. It’s magic.
your blog posts will be most successful when you put lists in them, also see previous point
comment on blogs even if you don’t have to say anything. It’s about being seen.
And there are countless more (would love to gather a list, so please add some as a comment!).

All these rules are not play, at all. They are also very arbitrary. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. It’s a lot of 100th monkey stuff too. I am going to break them all. Including those, I haven’t thought of yet.
As I announced last month, I am dropping ALL my dot-com addresses except one: That one’s gonna point to this blog.
I am going to tweet because I love to tweet, and I am going to repost blog posts I love from other writers because I love them.
I am going to be me. Sylly (as my inner two year old is called), spontaneous, wise. I am going to share what I want to share in my own voice and if people don’t like it, their loss. My online persona will be my true self, there will no longer be masks.
And I am going to be damn creative, even more than I already am. I will post a series of e-books over the upcoming months, all about being a playful creative. I might even run a workshop based on those e-books. Haven’t decided yet. I guess I will when I am up for it 🙂
When I announce those e-books, I’m not going to tell you that you have a problem. I’m going to share them because I love what I wrote and I love what being one with my inner two year old has done for me. And then you decide. Simple, no?
This change will be joyful for me. I can spend more time on what I love to do (writing, tweeting and blogging here), and less time on what doesn’t matter at all (like following these stupid rules!)
wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am excited!

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