I have some very unhealthy habits. One of those habits is watching way too much TV, especially now I am in recovery mode, and using meds that make me feel wobbly inside. And reading falls by the wayside. Add to that the problem that my meds make my mind frazzled,Read More →

I am all over the place with my reading habits these past weeks. All over the place meaning: not doing a very good job. I have finished two books, one of them being a really short one. That is just abysmal. The reason is pain. I have written about theRead More →

I have written a couple of times about learning French. The other day I decided that instead of struggling my way through Le Petit Prince (so many new words!) I wanted to read something else entirely. And then we were in Paris, and I saw a bookstore that sold comicRead More →

This past week I have been in major distraction seeking mode. I  have an injury in my left foot, and it kept me from doing anything other than sitting still and hoping the pain subsides (will write more on that on Sunday). I have distracted myself with TV, but alsoRead More →

Last year, I started to learn French, using the Duolingo app. I started the challenge because I wanted to read one of my favorite books in its original language: Le Petit Prince. I’ve had a year of French at school, but all that knowledge was far away from my brain.Read More →

As a part of my year-long challenge of reading 100 books,  I have also decided to read classics. I am defining the term classics rather broadly, as I have read one of the oldest texts in existence 🙂 Here is the list of challenges and the books I have read,Read More →

Now I have turned reading into a priority over consuming news or watching shows, I’m noticing a difference. I am getting calmer. I had no idea that I was that stressed etc. but now I am reading I notice the difference. I think that the daily influx of tv changesRead More →

Reading is a priority for me this year. I wanted to change a lot in my habits to make time for reading. But it is hard to change something you have done for a long, long time. Case in point: I want to start my days with reading for aRead More →

I have just received this gorgeous edition of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and it made me think about reading books digital or on paper. I started reading the Meditations in an app on my phone and felt I wanted to take notes but also highlight lines and add observations in theRead More →