One of the major goals I have set for myself this year is reading 100 books. I have set some side challenges, like participating in the Back to the Classics challenge to keep it even more fun. And oh my gosh, I am having so much fun diving into booksRead More →

For my 100 books challenge, I have decided that some of the books I am going to read are going to be children’s/young adult books. I think that there are some stellar books written for children/young adults and I can’t wait to (re-)read them 🙂 Here are some books IRead More →

For this week’s Reading Monday post I want to talk about comfort reads, books that you either read and re-read because they nourish you, or books you read because they make you forget about the problems in your life. I have both categories. I have books that I come backRead More →

This past weekend I have procrastinated finishing a book, Bill Bryson’s At Home. I have another twenty pages to read as I write this post (20:30 on Sunday evening) and I don’t think I will finish the book today. I really don’t want to leave it yet, the learning, theRead More →

I am in bed. It is late at night and I really want to sleep.I turn on my phone, and find Audible.I lie down, snuggled under the blankets and press sleep timer.A deep, warm voice reads a book I have heard before to me, I listen and smile, drifting offRead More →

I always have several books on the go, had that ever since I was a little girl. At the moment I have these on my currently reading list on Goodreads: This may seem like a lot, but every book is for a different time and place on a day. FromRead More →

My phone has some apps that help me be a better reader and that help me reach my 100 book goal for the year. (currently at 10 books!) Here are my favourite reading apps, and two apps that are reading adjacent: KindleI have a Kindle Paperwhite but for when IRead More →

In a blog post earlier this month I stated that I want to be a reader again.It’s almost February and it’s time to look back at my reading habits and progress in January. If I finish The War of Art I will have read 8 books in January. Haven’t finishedRead More →

I have greatly surprised myself in my reading adventure this year. I am 6/100 books in on my Goodreads challenge, and three of them are audiobooks. I have been a sporadic listener to audiobooks over the past years, mostly nonfiction, this year I have discovered that I love to listenRead More →

While browsing another blog, I found a great challenge to make my “read 100 books in 2018 challenge” even more fun: the back to the classics challenge! Check out the blog post for more info! Here is a list of the challenge subjects plus the books I intend to read forRead More →