Crazy Cozy Blogfest!

My blogging buddy Hart Johnson has a book launch today, for her cozy mystery The Azalea Assault (writing as Alyse Carlson). Elizabeth Craig also launches her book today, also a cozy mystery. So, they decided to throw a bit of a party and I couldn’t help letting my wacky side come out and think of a silly plot for a mystery I will never write probably 😀 Want to know more? Click the picture to go to the blog fest page.
This was so much fun to write!

Reginald Galivander hated living in the nursing home. Bored of playing cards and communal singing, he’d taken to sabotage. He left a trail of destruction, collapsed souffle’s in the kitchen, unraveled knitting in the workroom of the Ladies of Leisure, moustaches drawn on portraits in the hall and disappearing garden gnomes.
One day, Lavinia Cromwell, professional old biddy, caught him in the act. He had one choice, involving her in his activities or get thrown out of the home. She was a crafty old gal. She’d asked him after she got him to drink two glasses of whiskey and then filmed him on her cell phone when he said yes.
Together they set out on a rampage of mischief and mayhem when they stumbled upon something horrendous: the nursing home director never donated the work of the Ladies of Leisure to charity, he’d sold it as vintage clothing, and garnered quite a stack of pounds with it.
Before they could confront him about his ghastly deed, he was found dead, entangled in all sorts of craft items and knitted goods. Reginald let go of his sabotaging ways, and donned a deerstalker cap. Finally he would be of some use, finding the murderer of the director. If only Lavinia hadn’t decided to join in.
Had the Ladies of Leisure turned to murder?
Why did a gnome ask for help?

Old Codger Adventures, coming soon to a book store near you!

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