Create a morning joy routine!

Do you recognise this? You get up in the morning and you feel sluggish already. You hate the thought of the day ahead of you and at night you go to bed feeling dissatisfied.

You can change this pattern by creating a morning routine. Set your alarm a little earlier so you have some time just for you, and then do something that energizes you and makes you happy.
Here are some suggestions!

Remember your joy
Every morning, take a moment to remember what makes you feel insanely alive. The great stuff that happened to you at any time of your life. To remind yourself of what makes you happy at times you don’t feel like it, you can create a happiness journal.

Be grateful
Write three to five things you are grateful for, each day.

There’s nothing that gets your energy flowing like a morning boogie! I discovered that earlier this week. I had a cold and really didn’t feel well, but one of my favorite songs was on the radio, I danced and I instantly felt like I could do anything!

Write morning pages
This is so beneficial when you wake up with your head stuffed full of thoughts, an endless cycle of things your mind deems important. They almost never are, and sometime they really drag us down. Get a journal and write 3 pages of stuff you need out of your mind. Don’t read back what you wrote, don’t edit, just scribble scribble scribble.

Shower yourself with love
Stand in front of the mirror, close your eyes and think of someone you really really love. Then open your eyes and look at yourself with that love, and give yourself a great big smile too.

Decorate for smiles
Only put things on your nightstand that make you smile. A silly postcard a friend you, a quote you love, an affirmation you are working on, a picture of a loved one. Anything that can make you smile when you wake up and start your day energetically.

And now it’s up to you!

  • What do you do to start your day with a bang?
  • What are you going to do to make sure you’ll have great mornings from now on?

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