Create or be intimidated

Dear Creative Soul,

This morning I browsed through Instagram when I saw someone’s amazing art work. I felt completely still inside and I knew that I would never be as good an artist as her.I felt intimidated, but not for long.
See, in the past that might have kept me from creating, but today I know this one truth in my life.

Create or be intimidated.

The intimidation doesn’t only come from feeling less artistic than someone, but it can also be from your mind, filling the blank page with loads of fears and other negativities before you can even put pen to paper or brush to canvas. It can come from peer pressure, it can come from parents (the: “you need a plan B”� speech). It can come from the sum of all of this and more: your inner judge (the bastard that was created by all the criticism you have ever received in your life, no matter how unjust).


So, all this leads to an undeniable truth: as an artist you are a warrior too. Every day you slay the intimidation and you sit down and create, you sit down and write, you sit down and put your brush to canvas. And you smile, because nothing shows the warrior inside more than that smile of victory.

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