Daydream exercise

Daydreaming is so much fun, and daydreaming about what you can do with your life is even more fun. I get most of my article ideas, stories etc from playing with my daydreams. Just staring up, imagining a cloud above my head where all these ideas pop up ready to bounce into the world 🙂
And if a voice pops up in your head saying that daydreaming is for kids only, tell that voice to shut up. You are a writer.

Daydreaming is essential for writers. So there! (yes, that’s me sticking out my tongue at that voice in my head. You should try it too, it is very liberating!)

You can do this exercise in so many ways, here are a few
• just write it down (get crayons or felt pens, and make it into a big colourful mess!)
• mindmap it (that’s what the strange lil doodle next to what are you doing is hehehe)
• make a collage
• make a post-it wall out of it
Don’t forget to have fun and don’t pressure yourself. Just allow yourself to daydream freely!

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