Dear Creative Soul

You are a creative soul. You have forgotten that for the simple reason that you live in a world filled with duality and mixed messages. People say that you should love, yet every day you are surrounded by messages and signals of not-love.

This confuses you and brings you to the conclusion that you are not meant to love. With love comes that you are not meant to play. They are mutually inclusive.

To play again, and to create again, you have to let yourself know that the child in you is worthy of love. Every other message you have learned during your childhood is null and void.

And that goes for all sorts of messages, from the insiduous “that child is stupid beyond belief” to “are you sure you want to do this?”, each message is meant to tear you down and keep you in that state.

The ones who gave you that message didn’t know any better. They just did what they have been taught.

To truly free yourself up you have to unlearn everything you have learned. This does not mean how to walk or brush your teeth, that is muscle memory. You have to unlearn all the societal messages that have influenced and your life.

You are meant to be happy and you ARE meant to be whole. Every other message is obsolete and can be sent to the great garbage dump of the universe, ready to be transformed back to love.

So what do you do now?

You create.

Grab a pen and paper and write a haiku, or draw a flower or twenty, or draw an abstract work of art that speaks to your soul like nothing ever had.

And smile.
Nothing shows what creative and playful souls establish inside of themselves than that smile.

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