Dear human

My friend Marjolein wrote this beautiful response on one of my Facebook posts. I was so moved by her words and asked her if it was OK to share it here. She said yes 🙂

Dear human,

So you have been wondering and have some questions you can’t seem to resolve right now.
You have been paying attention, thats why we take some time to actually write you this. We know it wont go in the bin 😉 But listen a little more dear. We know how you love to puzzle things out, so we will keep assisting you with funny, lovely and interesting messages.You might have to open your mind even a little bit more you know.

That said you are doing very well and we sure aren’t complaining 😉 Just focus on the questions you have today. Just one day, and listen attentively with all your senses to everything that comes to you today from us.

If you still have trouble finding the right answer, the answer might really take some time to grow and make sense, maybe a little longer of attentive listening, but it’s there. Always feel free to write us.

The Universe (inc)

And no, sorry, we dont do cut dry answers. It violates the basic law of free will and exploration rights 😉

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