Dear negativity, I’m done with you!

I wrote a while ago that I’m a coward, and now it’s time to dive into why I haven’t blogged a lot over the past eight months or so.

Okay. Time to get honest with myself.

I hit rock bottom this year when I injured my foot. I had, up until that moment, blogged every day. Not every blog post was useful, but the daily practice made me feel both productive and happy.

And then the pain killers came and I lost every sense of creativity.

After I stopped, I never regained the level of creativity I had before.

I wrote only a handful of blog posts, poems etc.

I felt completely lost.

It was, in part, my own doing. I stayed stuck in a grumpy mindset that made me feel like shit. I woke up with negative self talk that made my toes curl and didn’t do anything to get myself in a better space.

I’d decided that life sucked and that was it.

Until I woke up today and decided I was COMPLETELY done with that shit.

As in, omg I can’t believe I allowed this negativity in my brain.

I’ve done a lot in the past hour. I wrote a post for my other blog that will go up on Wednesday, I made a mindmap, updated my planner and wrote this post.

Also, read a lot.

My circumstances haven’t changed and I don’t really care they didn’t.

I’ve changed. Or better: I’ve let go.

And I’m here to kick ass. Metaphorically.

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