Decluttering an idea

Today I valiantly declutter an idea. For some reason, I have adhered to the belief that to be a proper woman you need to shave off your body hair. I diligently kept at that for most of my adult life.

I could have decided to stop doing that a long time ago. I instead waited for a good reason. Now there is one: I am apparently allergic to all kinds of shaving cream. I will spare you the details but it is ugly. I am done torturing myself for a warped sense of what women should do to be beautiful.

As I started to write this post, Amanda Palmer’s Map of Tasmania kept playing in my mind, and I kept singing to myself, “if it gets too bushy, you can trim!”


I love that decluttering an idea feels like as much of a victory as decluttering stuff. And, it all leads to joy!

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