Do Nothing

This letter may surprise you. You live in a world where you are deemed useless when you do not do anything. We were all born with that “lesson”, it was ingrained in our system repetitively: when you are lazy, you do not contribute to society and therefore you fail. And then after you have done all the work for the day, you may relax in your chair by watching something on TV.

Isn’t it funny how this lesson is completely the opposite of what you need for your creativity?

To let creativity flow fully, you need to stop and do nothing.

Creativity flows from the emptiness that surrounds you when you do nothing. Allowing your mind to drift away into the void allows it to unearth the magical creative wonders that you can bring into this world.

Lazying about can unearth new possibilities that you never thought of before. Through getting bored you may find what you can create, right now.

Light the spark of creativity in you today. Let it come to life in your mind and let it sing its song until the only thing you can do is jump up and create what so desperately wants to be created through you.

And then, just smile in joy, because you do what you were born to do.


Your Inner Child

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