Doodling = Joy!

Imagine a younger version of me, sitting at a desk, staring at an empty screen. Old self wants to write but has no idea what.
Imagine my former self-standing in front of a canvas, afraid to put the brush on it. My mind yelling that the moment my brush touches the pristine white surface, I will ruin it.
Imagine my former self-dreading to do the admin stuff. At that time of my life, I hated admin stuff with a passion. It filled my stomach with dread.

Let’s quickly go to the present, because this is boring 🙂
Now I doodle. I get a notepad and draw flowers or strange little shapes or I draw something in one of my phone apps, like the artwork that accompanies this post 🙂
Doodling is something that you probably did as a kid, and still do during long, long phone conversations.
Anyone can doodle! If you tell yourself you can’t, it’s your pesky ego talking. Tell it that no one but you will see it, stick out your tongue and doodle!
Doodling frees you up for creative awesomeness!

What you need

  • a box of crayons, the more colors the better!
  • a sketch pad, a notepad, anything that has a drawable surface (no I don’t mean the walls! Really, I don’t!! big cheesy grin)
  • your hand(s)

Sit down, and just draw what comes up. Just doodle. Doodle along. Feel your marvelous inner child stir inside of you and let her take over 🙂

When you’re stuck in a project, get the crayons and doodle.
When you are feeling down, grab your crayons and doodle.
When you dread something horribly, get your crayons and doodle.
Just engage that wonderful inner child in you and let her make you giggle like MAD!

Have fun! Don’t forget to smile! 😀

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