Finding myself, gleefully

I can’t even tell you what has changed in my life. Why I am suddenly here, in the heart of winter and feeling absolutely splendid. Why all of a sudden it feels like someone turned the light on in my head and everything is OK.
But there you have it. This is my first January without the constant onslaught of winter depression. I am doing so many things, working on my art journal, writing poetry, writing my novel, it’s awesome, and it makes me so very happy!
Writing all this down made me realize something about myself. I always want to find reasons for something happening, or to delve inside, finding answers for something that happens to me.
Right now, my mind is the furthest from that. I am happy. I discover things in myself that I thought lost, and I discover things in myself I never knew I had. And I smile throughout.
It feels like all the weight I carried on my shoulders this past year has dissipated, and all the anger I have felt for so long is transmuted into joyful creativity.
I take it. I really do. It feels like a reward, a happy one 🙂
And in all, I have found that I really love to be me, that I really love to be a writer who writes a novel she is completely in love with. and who, out of the blue, crochets something just because she hasn’t done that in a while.
So far, 2017, I am really happy to be in you 😀

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