First paragraph of my WiP & goal update

I have two books I work on, this is the one that wanted to be share the most, from Revolution, a Science Fiction novel taking place on Mars.


Chaos rang my doorbell on a very early Wednesday morning. I stumbled out of bed, and cursed when I glanced at the screen over my bed. 3 am. Not even an hour sleep. I tripped over my scattered uniform, as I made my way to my closet. The doorbell rang again. “I’m coming!”

I put on a tattered Kimono that once was my grandmother’s, and stepped over the uniform again. I tried not to think of the blood stains on it. Perk from working in Homicide.

I hit the comm panel. “Who dares to ring my bell at 3 am?”


And now on tomy updates on my goals for July!

  1. Bring Ganesha’s blessings to final draft stage

second draft complete. Now printed it out for a final critical read through and a read by my husband, added some scenes, AND created the cover!

  1. Publish another e-book

my body and I weren’t on speaking terms last week, so the e-book has been postponed. It will be there before the end of the month though!

  1. 10.000 words on MindScreens2

Am completely blocked on where this book needs to go, so I picked up another project. Words so far: 3000-ish

  1. Submit one story a week

total submitted: 4

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