For the love of Geek

I often wonder if my life would have been any different if I had known I was a Geek at a young age, say teens. If I had known there were so many people like me, who loved SciFi and who were fans of shows I loved so much, and books I so loved to read.

I figured I was “just” a dreamer. Someone who saw bigger, expanding worlds where everyone else just saw dirt and rocks and sand.

I thought I wasn’t a very normal person because I liked different things than the girl next door. She liked music, I loved books about strange creatures and breathtaking adventures.

I grew up, and science fiction, fantasy and all the things I loved so much became part of my life. I expanded on my love for it by writing tentative stories myself. I wrote fanfiction, for Star Trek TNG when that sort of thing became common online.

I tentatively wrote a story about a girl in a world where the government read minds and felt like a geek.

Getting online, 20 or so years ago, changed my life. I found people who were mad about things like I had been all my life. I met people who had gone to conventions to meet fellow Star Trek fans and my mind was blown.

These were my people. I had found those who felt like I did about science fiction and books and tv-series.

And all of a sudden I was part of a tribe. A group of people who were as normal as I was.

I went to a Star Trek convention while on vacation in New York. I saw and met so many people who were as excited about the show as I was. I sat in a theater where a couple of stars from my favorite incarnation of Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, came together and talked about filming the show.

I was so happy for my younger self because I knew she had a place in the world. She didn’t know it yet and felt lonely. I felt included for her.

And I was so happy for the teens of today, who get to be a geek in all their glory.

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