Genre favorites blogfest

The fabulous Alex J. Cavanaugh hosts a new blogfest today. For it, I have to list my favorite genre of:




And a guilty pleasure genre from any of the three categories!

Here goes!

My favorite movie genre is science fiction. I love to immerse myself in strange worlds and new ideas and science. Thank goodness I only have to list the genre and not my favorite movies, because I would be tapping for a while (write this on my iPhone) 🙂 We did rewatch one of my top ten sci-fi movies last night: Total Recall. (the original, not the recent remake)

My favorite music genre is rock. I love straight up rock like the early U2 and alternative like Pearl Jam (ten is one of my all-time favorite albums). I do listen to a lot of different genres though, including classical music.

As for books, well, that’s fantasy, mostly high fantasy. Currently re-reading the Innocent Mage book by Karen Miller, one of my favorites of the genre.

My guilty pleasure is one from books: urban fantasy. I love to read books with kickass heroines. Currently reading Lisa Shearin’s Raine Benares series, which is fantastic so far.

This was so much fun! Thanks for hosting this, Alex!

You can find him over here, and the biiiiig list of other participants too!

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