Have you forgotten who you are?

Do you know what the biggest block to your creativity is? 
Forgetting who you are. 
You can forget who you are due to big life moments, like mourning a loved one, moving house, divorce or fights with loved ones. 
You can also forget who you are by continually believing what you are not. 
Just watch your conversation about yourself. “I can’t make that because…” “I can’t write that book because…” “I can’t dance because…” 
See how easy it is? 
Now, there is an easy way to remember who you are, and that way works in both situations. 
Create something. Just let your feelings be feelings. Let your emotions be emotions. Let fears be fears. 
Know that you were born to create. That birth right is more powerful than anything else. Just let yourself be you.

And smile.

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