hey girl! (International Women’s Day)

It is Thursday. This would normally mean a Play with your Writing post. I have moved the post to next week, as I signed up to blog for International Women’s Day. This is a letter to a girl somewhere in the world.


Hey girl!

I am so happy I get to write to you today. I hope you are well.

It must be so confusing to grow up in this day and age. There are so many conflicting images that surround you.

There are those who talk about women and girls as if they have no voice for themselves. There are people who use words to try make you feel less than nothing. There are those who see you as an object. There are people who tell you that you are a lesser human being because you are not a man.

None of these messages are true. To realize that, this world needs you. This world needs your voice and your amazing energy.

This world needs you to become a woman who is proud she is one, who is not afraid to do anything that she wants to do. Who ignores all the negative voices around her and just does what she wants to do.

So many women have come before you who have done the same. Now you can be that woman for your generation. Stay positive and whenever someone says something bad to you, just ignore them and move forward with the life you want for yourself.

You are a woman soon, and as a woman you have a voice in the world. I really look forward to hearing yours as you shout your truth!


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