How my inner two year old and I play

It is 10 AM on a Sunday morning. I woke up at 7. Two minutes after waking up I knew I would write right away. I had an idea. This time I had an idea for the novella I am editing.

I went downstairs, sat down at my kitchen table, and started to work. It was so much fun. My cat played with my pen, I doodles and wrote some awesome new lines. I had ideas for some new articles and for a novel project. I worked for three hours straight and afterwards, I felt so energetic.

This is how play works for me and by building on my relationship with my inner two year old I get to do this every day.

I get these flashes every day because I invite them in. I invite my inner two year old in to play, and we do with scribbled notes on yellow post-its.

Most of all though, we have tremendous fun!

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