How Sylly found her meditation

I used to be a stress junkie. Still can be, at times 😀 I have found the way to center me (meditation) but that wasn’t always easy.

Many years ago I started to learn about meditation. I thought: I can do that too! On a website they told me sit down, close my eyes, and then to stop my thoughts by saying “I thank this thought, and let it go.”

Sounded deceptively easy. I sat down on the couch, legs crossed. I took a deep breath, and thought that was it. I meditated for a whole minute. What happened during that first minute is the following internal conversation.

– “I think my left leg hurts!”

“I thank this thought, and let it go.”

– “I am really getting cramped up!”

“I thank this thought, and let it go.”

– “Did I pay the phone bill today?”

“I thank this thought, and let it go.”

– “Ohhhh I am meditating, for people seeing me now it must look sooooooooo weird!”

“I thank this thought, and let it go.”

– “My leg really hurts now!”

“I thank this aaaaaaaaargh”

I opened my eyes, and stretched my truly painful left leg.

Even thought this experience was a staggering failure, I decided to keep at it. I even bought a zafu. As I had a sore back during those years, It had a fun time gathering dust in the corner.

I also thought it would be fun to try out meditating in a group of people. It was a mind-blowing success. Someone guided through a visualization, I didn’t meditate, but after the session I had my to-do list all finished in my mind.

I soon decided that I should stop meditating. I felt I should accept my mom was right. During my childhood years I could never sit still, not even long enough to eat my dinner. According to me that was a good reason to forget aboutmeditatingin the end.

Then, one day, I went to the beach. I imagined what it would be like to be a wave.

I was completely engulfed in that, and afterwards I was so relaxed. There was also no pain anywhere, not even in my wildly protesting knee when I tried meditating for the first time.

I pondered about the effect this had on me, and I realized that I’d used all my senses when I was on the beach, and that cleared the storm of thoughts in my mind.

Then I moved to a teeny tiny apartment. It had a living room, a bedroom, a postage stamp sized kitchen, and a bathroom that was twice the size of said kitchen. That bathroom had a bath.

I discovered I loved to meditate in my bath, involving all my senses. Some scented bath oil, some soft music, some chocolate and I was a happy, meditating bunny.

My most amazingmeditationexperience was with a tree in Ireland. It was a sequoia, growing in front of a store in the middle of nowhere. I sat under the tree and felt one with all the elements. It must have lasted only a couple of minutes, because I was on a bus tour and had to get into the bus eventually, but it felt like years 🙂

All this goes to show that there is a form of meditation for everyone 🙂 For me it is connecting and experiencing the joy of living with all my senses, for others it is sitting still with the eyes closed.

I guess that it’s all good as long as it works for you!

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