I am going to be me

One of the major events of the year 2017 is going to be Glastonbury Festival.
For the third year in a row we will head to that magical land to celebrate the festival, and this year, I am going to make some DRASTIC changes.
You see, I am an introvert, and sometimes I felt like I was drowning in the crowds. I also desperately wanted to talk to others, to hear their stories, to meet them all eye to eye and to get hugs.
The past two years, the introverted side won, and something felt missing when we headed home again.
I felt missing.
Because I am also an artist. I am also a poet. I am also a writer.
I also love to wear black, combined with so much color your eyes hurt.
And this Glasto, that artistic, confident self is going to shine.
There will be wigs. There will be flowing, oh so pretty gothic clothes. There will be gloves, colorful scarves and necklaces and maybe even lipstick 🙂
There will be hats.
Because, when I wear clothes I absolutely LOVE, I can feel myself shine. I can feel that fierce Leo roaring inside me.
And, there will be a journal. Because the introvert needs to withdraw in her shell sometimes, and I will make space for her. Even in the hustle and bustle of 180.000 people traipsing over a festival, there are quiet spaces.
I have found them in the past years, and, for myself, I will tell my husband I need to sit down and write in my journal, or post on instagram, or write my blog, or make a doodle.
Anything to center myself. And then, when I go out among people again, I know I can shine.
Because nourishing, accepting and loving myself is the most wonderful thing of all.
I deserve to be all facets of me, no matter what.

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