I don’t want perfect photo’s

The other day I was musing why I don’t use my regular camera anymore. I found the answer very soon, and it made me smile.

I don’t like regular pictures. I love to play with pictures. Double exposures, the “lets see what happens if I do this”- pictures.

I own some vintage camera’s and take them out for a walk. I own an Instax, which is my constant companion on my adventures, so I can journal my pictures.

And I own an app called Hipstamatic, which is my favourite way to take pictures when I don’t have my camera’s with me. I use it for the A to Z challenge on my main blog and I use it for taking pictures anywhere I choose. Because I love the world my Hipstamatic pictures show me.

It is a world that sparks stories and new ideas for pictures and so many other things. It is a world I want to have adventures in.

For photography, the whole world is my creative cave 🙂

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