I want to write about doubt, you know, that thing that sneaks up on you the moment you feel you are doing something right.

I have recently realized/accepted that the right thing for me is to work on multiple projects at once. The projects are all so different that it is easy to keep them apart in my mind.

With one of them, I am so stuck that I need a post-it session to plan the next part of the book. With the other two projects (calling them A and B) I write the one that screams the loudest on the day. It works for me. It works very well. I have a steady daily output of words,

something I hadn’t expected before I let myself do this. You see, I was of the: ‘start a project, then finish it, then start a new one’-persuasion until quite recently. I decided to make a change when I realized I hadn’t done any writing for weeks and had enough ideas to carry project A forward and I’d rather write than stare at my screen wondering where to take the stuck story now. And then the day before yesterday (see my ) I suddenly had an idea for a book that has been on the back burner for ages, aka project B.

I saw one of the main characters and I knew something of his story. It was so exhilarating that I had to type it up and before I knew it I had 1500 words and a pretty good idea about the rest of the book. Today, I have no idea what I will write other than this blog post. It doesn’t matter. One single bit. What matters is that I write.

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