Jigsaw your Dream

So many of us have a dream they want to bring to life, somewhere lurking in their brain. It can be at the forefront of their mind every day, moving towards it step by step. It can also be hidden behind a big steel door marked: ‘bloody impossible’!

Big, amazing, life-transforming dreams are meant to feel bloody impossible. They are like brand new jigsaws. You don’t turn over a box with jigsaw pieces, close your eyes, open them, and then expect the jigsaw to be completed.

Nope, you start looking through the pieces, start with the edging, and then you move to the pieces that form the house, and then the trees and finally the clouds.

If I see a jigsaw with a lot of vibrant colors that are all over the piece, I think, “Holy moly, how am I EVER going to finish this one?”

I could lay the jigsaw aside, but, what makes me want to make the jigsaw is the gorgeous final picture I know it will turn into.

So I start with the edging and smile as I move to the inner pieces.

What is your big life dream? What do you want to work towards? Break it down into a gazillion jigsaw pieces and move, step by step, towards the life of your dreams.

And you know what? Dreaming is more exciting than a jigsaw. For a jigsaw, piece 511 is always going to be the same color, always going to fit in the same place. For working towards your dream, you never know what pieces will fit in the puzzle, and that makes the journey even more joyful!

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