Kick your habits

Ahhhhh habits. Like a child having to put away toys and eventually doing it all by herself (if she has a good day and wants the ice cream treat mommy promised!), us writers build our own habits too.

But sometimes our habits become our downfall. Whether it’s over-organization (everything needs to be in order before I can work, and oh how do I organize this thought and where is my to read list?), procrastination (staring out of the window is good because I really am thinking about my writing!), or any other negative -ion in the dictionary, each can mean we don’t get to do what we love most, writing.

Your inner two year old knows how to deal with the stuffy adult stuff. She can toss over the neat lil tower of books that we built on our desks, or she can tear up that amazingly long list of topics to research. She can also pull your sleeve and demand your attention when you sit and stare out of the window. She’s in tune with her creativity, and she loves to remind you of that, if you let her.

Let your inner two year old tell you where you are getting all stuffy and overfed. What area around your desk is full of stuff that really doesn’t matter? How long is your to do list, and how much of it do you really need?

Play with your surroundings and really play with your inner two year old. She’s a great teacher and she will show you where you can make improvements to get the flow of creativity go ahead full steam!

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