Leap Through Fear

Dear Creative Soul,

Do you know what keeps you from creating what calls out to you?

Is it lack of talent? No, you were born to create all you can dream of.
Is it lack of training? No, you were born to create all that you can think of.
Is it lack of confidence? Ha! We are getting close!
Is it fear? Of course it is.

Creating is always a struggle between what you really want to create and fear. Sometimes the dream wins, sometimes fear. When you are feeling dissatisfied with your work and when you feel like you are a hack, fear talks too.

It takes a lot of strength to keep creating… Right?


Before you sit down to write, to make your art, to take a picture, to craft some beautiful fabric art, take a moment to breathe gratitude.

Breathe it in and out, be so deeply and insanely grateful for the inspiration and for the fact that you get to create. Be grateful for what creating teaches you.

And then, only then, sit down and do your thing.

And smile.
Because nothing speaks of the joy of creating and the gratitude than that smile.

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