Less Like, more Love

A little over a week ago I read a very interesting article about stopping to use the like button on Facebook. She did the experiment after reading about someone who did the exact opposite. It was a very interesting read, and I decided right there and then that I would stop using the like button on Facebook.

It was a hard thing at first, I kept liking and unliking posts and comments. When I truly liked a post, I wrote something in the comments. Sometimes just a few words, at other times I went a little longwinded 😀

And my feed has changed. I see way more posts that people have written, and way fewer shares. Things like Buzzfeed have almost entirely disappeared from my feed.

It has, indeed, become more human.

And so have I.

I realized that the like button was my easy way out. Instead of interacting, allowing a conversation to happen, I just hit the button and that was that. I have found, even only a week or so into the experiment, that I am genuinely enjoying visiting Facebook now, and I spend more time reading and interacting on my news feed.

It genuinely is a game changer for Facebook. I will continue not liking. I will keep on spreading my little hearts all over my newsfeed. Making the world a better place, one little heart at a time. That is how I like it!

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