Lessons From Our Garden

We have a large garden behind the house and I haven’t really been using it much these past years. There are a couple reasons for it. One of them is that there is a very persistent weed growing in it that really overtakes the whole garden within minutes after I clear it out to the roots.
It has always been so frustrating to garden, for me, it always felt like a lost effort. I usually spent days clearing it all and then a week later I had to do all that hard work all over again!
Then the other day I read about a way to deal with this weed in a much simpler way. Just cutting off the stems just above the ground and keeping at it. Eventually, the weed will weaken and die off.
Can you imagine the joy I felt when I read that? I grabbed my gardening scissors and found it took me only ten minutes to clear out 1/4th of our garden. Ten whole minutes!!

My insight

As I cut the leaves off, I realized something. I thought: what if I deal with emotions this way? With fears, doubt, anger, anxieties. Instead of dwelling in them, and trying my best to pull out the roots, just acknowledging they are there, and then cut them off before they can become too big.
Even after all my work at becoming aware of what I am feeling and thinking at all times and then letting go, I realized this was a major leap, again.
A couple hours later I made a big mistake in something and I could feel shame and insecurity leap up. I immediately stopped myself, took a deep breath and said thank you for showing up. Then I just let go. I smiled and went back to the calm I had felt moments before.

My inspiration for you

You don’t need that either. Just remember. One breath, say thank you and let go. That is all you need to keep your inner garden clear.And don’t forget that warm, all encompassing smile of freedom. Of clarity. Of self-love.

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