Life, such fun

So back home for a month, and haven’t done most of the things I intended. Life has a way of tossing more fun things on your path than you first envisioned. It made me realise that planning for things doesn’t work for me. Just going with the flow does, apparently.

I do keep a calendar and do most things on there, the rest is up for grabs. I am replotting my WiP to accommodate for a great new idea I had, and I am working on a poetry book about my father’s Alzheimer’s. One more poem to go and then that one can be published.

The most important work I did is something that came up after my vacations and it is taking up most of my day. It is one of those ideas that shoots into your mind and doesn’t want to be let go of until you do something with it. It’s completely wild and so utterly me.

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