These past months I have been on a slow journey towards re-discovering my Self, the unchanging part of me. Call it soul, call it inner child, it is all the same. I have done this journey through reading spiritual texts from all over the world and by writing a book. Ganesha’s blessings is the culmination of this journey. 
Funny thing is that I have written parts of the book before reading some of the sacred texts. 
The Self is limitless. It knows what I need to know in order to do what I am here to do. It wrote my book and shattered my ego in the process. 
It will shatter yours too if you let it. In a completely joyful and fearless way. I am. 
The funny thing is, the book is not about spirituality. It is about becoming whole. No matter what. Despite your ego self. 
And you know what? I am still very much part of this world, even more than I have been in the past years. I get gleeful at the idea of one day owning a MacBook. I am writing this as I wait for a concert to start, standing on a small island in the middle of a large crowd.
I love to write in a setting like this, just my iPhone and my limitless self. I think that is what I mostly want to teach,  be you in all that you do.

Even if that means people look at you with wonder in their eyes.

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