Literary anecdotes

The other day I picked up a fantastic book: the Oxford book of literary anecdotes. I am going to share some of these great writer silly adventures on some of the Sylly Sundays. I only pick those that make me giggle like mad.

I think that to be a writer, you have to be slightly mad. The examples I will pick from the book will no doubt show that 😉

Today’s literary anecdote is about Thomas Birch.

Dr. Birch was very fond of angling and devoted much time to that amusement. In order to deceive the fish, he had a dress constructed, which, when he put it on, made him appear like an old tree. His arms he conceived would appear like branches and the line like a long spray. In this sylvan attire, he used to take root by the side of a favorite stream and imagined that his motions might seem to the fish to be the effect of the wind. He pursued this amusement for some years in the same habit, till he was ridiculed out of it by his friends.

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