Live each day

Dear Creative Soul,

It is the last day of December. The day that many consider the end of a year, and that is why many sit down to create lists of resolutions.

Most of the resolutions taken don’t last until the end of January. This is because resolutions carry too much weight, they are like a too big bag of stones that you have to drag with you through your life.

Instead, live each day. Live as if every day is a precious gift. Dear heart, drop “like it is your last”. We have learned that something that has been an image of impending doom for many of us, has not come to pass. It became December 22 without much effort. The ones who have tried to infect us with their fear-based ideas are now saying the world will end in four years. In four years time, they will choose another date.

Choose to leap beyond that fear-based living. Choose to leap beyond the need for making resolutions. Just create. Live your life free as a feather. Make every day as brilliant as you can. Show yourself to the world as you are, radiant and beautiful and so infinitely wise.

Live each day.

Radiate joy.

Be love.

And smile.

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