Love trumps mud

We’ve spent the last weekend of June at my favorite event in Europe, (and possibly the world): Glastonbury Festival!

Last year was our first, and we didn’t even want to go this year, opting for a festival nearby instead. But then the headliners were announced, and some of the other acts I love, and I knew one thing for sure: we NEEDED to go!
My husband secured us tickets in the resale (lucky us!) and (after a long wait) we headed over to the UK with so much glee 🙂

The next day we hopped on a bus from Bath and an hour or so later we arrived at the festival.

That is where I met the mud for the first time.

It was very hard to walk in! I was so very happy that I wore hiking boots, because that meant that I could walk and not fear I would leave my boots in the mud 🙂 Have seen that so often throughout the weekend!

Before I head on into the rest of the story: I was so very grateful for my husband’s suggestion before the trip. He said that we should divvy up our stuff between both our backpacks so I could drop mine off at the lockup. That way I could cross the terrain (our tent was on the other side of the field) without having the weight on my back.

And then, all throughout the festival, he was my rock, my support and I couldn’t love him more for how he was there for me. But, I digress.

That first day (Wednesday) and especially the next, the site was relatively easy to walk on compared to the weekend, especially after more rain happened on Friday.
I was SO ready to throw in the towel on Friday.

We arrived back at our tent after the long walk back from the Pyramid and I cried. I was done. I hated the mud. I hated the slipping and almost falling. I hated how weak I felt. I hated feeling so cold, constantly.
Basically, I whined.

That Monday, though, sitting in the bus back to Bath, I knew one thing for certain: I wanted to go back the next year.

What changed? The mud was even worse than when we arrived, and according to many of the people we spoke to, it had never ever been as bad as it was this year.
And yet, I can’t wait to go back.

Glastonbury is about the community. About the people who come up to you and hug you just because. The artists that play their socks off to amuse you. The fantastic volunteers and security people who are always ready with a smile and a helping hand.

All the beautiful venues for music, from the Pyramid and the huge field in front of it to small tents. Glastonbury Festival is a place where I would love to live at all year long.

And yes, walking in the mud is completely aggravating, but oh my god, Glasto is worth it.

See you in 2017, Glastonbury!

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