Making waves

I really wish this post would have been written on January 1, while drinking a glass of wine and enjoying myself thoroughly. Instead, I write this on January 10, propped up with pillows in my bed. I am smiling though.
I am in bed because I am still recovering from the flu. Within me, so many ideas bubble up that I have no idea where to start with them. Hence the smiles 🙂

This morning I created a mind map and a Scrivener document, and I just let all the thoughts and ideas run amok. Everything streams out of me like a river without boundaries.

All I have written so far comes down to one simple truth: it’s time to make some waves again, make changes that make everything around me resonate with who I am even deeper.

One of the things I am going to change is my blog. Before I make those waves I have to look back over the past year and see what brought me here.

Naming my blog Playful Creative made so many changes in my life at large and my blog in particular. I really feel I have come into my strides as a blog writer. I have had times where I wrote seven posts a week and times where I wrote just one or two. Fun thing is, I didn’t care. I tried to set certain days for certain themes, but that failed the moment I started it. I now write when I feel I need to write.

Another big change that happened last year is that I have realized that I don’t really like to write stories going way over 10K anymore. I can’t explain why I don’t novel anymore, just that I don’t. I started to write a novel for NaNoWriMo and then realized I could tell this story in much fewer words and it would be a stronger tale too. When that was finished I realized I have so many other things to write that are NOT novels. Most of them are non-fiction.

Wave making in progress
Now on to the changes, or as I like to call them: waves. The first is that I want to write a couple of e-books. Some filled with texts that are partially familiar, like the Fear Stages in Writing series. I will publish that one first, maybe next month or the month after.

That is another wave. I have decided to give up planning. Planning doesn’t work for me. I, of course, keep appointments I make, but I won’t force myself into a schedule for my creative life and this blog that doesn’t fit me. I need to be like a river, that finds its own way into the world, not like a canal, carefully planned.

Another BIG wave is that I am going to write more posts that are soulful in nature. I feel a deep urge to write more Dear Creative Soul letters because I know that many of you need the push they give. Those letters flow from deep within me and are talking to that same place inside of you.

Most of all I want to fill this blog with love. I feel that if I fill every single word with love, and kick fear out of every word, that is where change happens. That is where the waves get to be healing.

I have considered changing the name of my blog because I am including so much more aspects of me in these pages. But Playful Creative is who I am. My wisdom flows from that part of me, every word is infused with playful creativity. So the name stays.

And I do too.

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